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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The "Zillion Days of Jewelry" Instagram Project

bringing up bust form united states of vintage zillion days of jewelry

It's been a while, huh?

Those of you who know me may not be surprised, but an FYI for those of you who don't, I take on a lot of "side projects." It's very possible it's an undiagnosed form of ADHD, but especially when it comes to writing projects, I have a lot of whims, and I like to follow all of them.

My blog was one of those whims, albeit one that took several years from "I want to start a blog," to fruition. It wasn't until I was laid off from my first full-time reporting gig that I realized I had spent the whole time working 60+ hour weeks and doing very well at my job, but very little for myself. I wanted a way to get back in touch with the fun I used to have with my clothes after having to attend so many city meetings, school board meetings and chamber of commerce functions where the majority of people were at least 10 years my senior. More importantly, I wanted to have fun with writing again.

Two years later, the mission of this blog has been accomplished--I have tapped back into Karlie's inner stylist, and don't need to remind myself to embrace my crazy, sartorial whims. I don't need to take photos anymore of outfits I aspire to wear; now I just wear them.

I thought for a while of disbanding this blog. I've been having a ton more fun with United States of Vintage--especially on Instagram--and I'm chewing on some ways to make the most of that project. It feels more in line with who I am style-wise, and what I want to be doing with a blog that serves the greater community--especially the promotion of other bloggers and independent shops! I'm also working on a fiction writing project, which is magical and wonderful and certainly falls within the pursuit of loving writing.

So for now, the majority of the blogging you'll see from me will likely be on USofV instead of here. We'll see where the muse takes me.

But that doesn't mean I'm slacking off with my personal style! After discovering the Belleville Flea Market a year and a half ago, I've now amassed a hoarder-level stockpile of jewelry... and as of this writing, probably only utilize 60 percent of it. Following the original intent of this blog, I'm using the hashtag #zilliondaysofjewelry on my personal Instagram account to inspire myself on ways to get use out of it all, no matter how crazy the combination. I think it's a project better served on Insta, since I won't be talking much about each photo.

So this isn't goodbye... I'll still be in Internet land, just in different corners of it.
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